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Learn What Fear Is & How To Overcome It

Most people have at some point or other experienced some form of irrational fear.

We have all been spooked by something that just didn’t make any sense.

For most, these fears or irrational behaviors eventually fade away and we get to carry on living a normal life.

But unfortunately for some, they develop into full blown debilitating issues which greatly effect and interfere with everyday life.

It’s at this stage that the fear has now developed into what is known as a phobia.

This causes extreme anxiety and prevents people from functioning or coping with everyday life in a normal manner.

What Is Fear

Fear is a normal reaction to danger.

It triggers physiological changes that help us fight or flee.

Thereby helping us to survive.


However, the human brain is a complex organ that has amazing learning and association skills in order to help us survive better.

It can learn new associations quickly and alert us to new dangers by triggering reactions that we do not consciously control.


If we have a learned reaction that kicks in automatically in certain non dangerous situations, then we have developed a phobia.

These reactions can be confusing, bewildering and also harmful if it prevents us from going about our daily lives.


All fear is rooted in the mind. So therefore it makes sense that the mind itself is the best tool to overcome such fears.

Benefits Of Overcoming Your Fears

When fear is overcome you can think and behave differently, giving you a new lease on life, opening the door to a wealth of opportunity.

When faced with your irrational fear you will no longer react as you once did and all symptoms given enough time will disappear altogether.

This website aims to inform and help you cope with phobias, fears and anxieties.

You can learn what fear is and what symptoms are associated with each fear.

It contains the most popular known phobias and attempts to inform you of the causes as well as ultimately the best ways to help you eliminate these sometimes life crippling disabilities.

Take our anxiety test if you are not sure if you suffer from anxiety.

Click on each phobia to see the causes, symptoms and treatments.

Most Popular Phobias And Fears

Animal Phobias

The Fear Of Spiders: Arachnophobia
The Fear Of Snakes: Ophidiophobia
​The Fear Of Dogs: Cynohphobia
The Fear Of Cats: Ailurophobia
The Fear Of Bugs and Insects: Entomophobia
The Fear Of Birds: Ornithophobia
The Fear Of Mice and Rodents: Musophobia

Medical Phobias

Fear Of Needles: Trypanophobia
Fear Of Blood: Hemophobia
Fear Of Doctors: Latrophobia
Fear Of Dentists: Odontophobia
Fear Of Hospitals: Nosocomephobia
Fear Of Death: Thanotophobia
Fear Of Germs And Illness: Mysophobia
The Fear Of Cancer: Carcinophobia
The Fear Of Pain: Agliophobia

Situational Phobias

The Fear Of Public Speaking: Glossophobia
​​The Fear Of Heights: Acrophobia
The Fear Of Small Spaces: Claustrophobia
The Fear Of Crowds: Agoraphobia
The Fear Of Flying: Aerophobia
The Fear Of Loud Noises:Ligyrophobia
The Fear Of Thunder And Lightning: Astraphobia
The Fear Of Darkness: Nyctophobia
The Fear Of Water: Aquaphobia
The Fear Of Failure: Atchiphobia
The Fear Of Holes: Trypophobia
The Fear Of Being Alone: Monophobia
The Fear Of Clowns: Coulrophobia
The Fear Of Driving: Vehophobia

Overcome Fear

Here at overcomefear.net we hope to provide information and help, as well as a forum where sufferers can share their experiences, look up symptoms and find out the likely causes to why they react the way they do.

We also provide some references to treatments that people can use when seeking a way to overcome their fears.

We hope you find this website useful and can help others by sharing your experiences and offering help and advice to others.

Overcome Fear